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Help us to help others.


'Let us Unite in Care and Compassion  

As a not-for-profit organisation, we do not want to recreate the wheel. What we want to do, is help. Help the animals and help others to help animals. That is why we want to unite with as many people and organisations as we can. That is why we want to educate, provide health care, provide funds, provide employment, listen, understand, and most importantly take action.


If you are reading this then we assume you care about animals and share our compassion for them, so thank you for visiting. We are UK-based, and set up to provide help and support for all animals. Operating in Sicily and the UK. Our first aim is not to bring more animals into the UK but develop a robust support network internationally, involving people with a range of skills, knowledge, and compassion who can help us to help people help animals in Sicily and in the UK.


Without compassion there will never be change. Without compassion there can be no care. Without compassion there can be no concern for the welfare of others. If you possess compassion then help us to help others that care and the animals who need care. Help us to make change.


We cannot be effective on our own. We cannot bring about sustained change on our own. We can learn from others. Others can learn from us. Those that need to change, need to understand the reasons why. By being united we can be stronger and more effective, unite with us and let's make positive change happen.


To provide immediate care is to provide what is necessary. What is necessary is health, welfare, owner support and protection for animals. To provide ongoing care includes these and a lot more, including guidance, education, vigilance, employment, funding,  legislation and policing. Help us provide the care that is needed now and for the future.

Our team of Charity Trustees and helpers.


Sara Hart, 


International Award Winning Tutor SAS  Director, Founder & Director


Dean Hart,


One of the UK's top Canine Behaviour Specialists

SAS Director,  Founder & Director



Ben McKechnie, 


Recognised expert in Canine Behaviour and Rehabilitation & SAS Director


Eili Dettmering,  


Experienced and well respected small animal vet, specialises in acupuncture and laser treatment for small animals & SAS Director

The Role of our Charity Trusties

As a charity, we want to continue to follow good practices and run our charity effectively, avoid pitfalls and adhere to legal duties. As part of this process, we invited selected people to join us as Charity Trustees, those who we feel can bring a wealth of skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to the charity in addition to supporting an effective decision-making process, provide guidance, and organisational leadership. We will be applying to change our status to a charity in 2022.

* Click on the ICON to see what role a Charity Trustee plays.


Sicily Animal Support is pleased to be registered with The Equality Register

Our Equality Statement - We continually strive to ensure that we incorporate equality into our core objectives, making every effort to eliminate discrimination, create equal opportunities and develop good working relationships between different people and are pleased to be registered with The Equality Register.



Address & location


Skyline360 Estate, Contra Rocca Superiore, Termini Imerese, Sicily, Italy 90018


Mobile 07955685865


We are contactable via our mobile and email we will assist directly with animals as best we can in the Palermo district  - please do contact us as we may be able to help in some way or find another contact to help you.

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