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We are not currently rehoming animals in the UK or Sicily but support

 the Kit Wislon Trust and Raystede Animal Welfare 

however when we are involved .......

Every animal under our supervision is provided with a high standard of expert care, looked after by us or loving volunteers with the application of animal welfare our top priority.  

Please remember that most animals that come into our hands are obtained from a variety of different backgrounds and may have experienced a range of events during their sensitive development phases. This means that most will need extra special care and attention in their new home. The behaviour of dogs or cats rehomed from rural farming or urban communities in Sicily may be distinctly different to a pet raised in an average family environment in the UK. If you are seriously looking to be the guardian of an extra special pet then please contact us and we will send you full details of how this process works. 

Not everybody that applies may be successful,  so please do not be offended if you are not at this time. 

It is important to make sure we help you find the ideal pet so we will need to know a great deal about you and the home you are offering.

Not every pet is suitable for every home and we do our best to mix and match for the 

most positive long-term outcome. 

Alternatively, you could help us by contributing financially or by carrying out fundraising 

activities to support our objects. 

It has cost us several hundreds of pounds, for each animal under our care. 

We are currently applying for Charity status in the UK to help source further funding outside of our own limited finances. 

Any animal homed by us will be spayed (unless there is sufficient reason not to), fully vaccinated as appropriate, microchipped, wormed, groomed, and will have received 

basic training in life skills where suitable. 

Where there is a need for a passport this will be organised and completed on behalf

 of the new guardian as and when required.


'Wolfie' has now been rehomed in a loving forever home and is fit and well.

'Wolfie' was a more gentle puppy, not as rough and tumble as his brothers. He was one of three remaining survivors from an original litter of ten puppies destined to be drowned. He was ten weeks old when we collected him and was the last of the remaining puppies and wouldn't allow us to handle him first. He now loves being fussed and loves his food. He is a bit of a wanderer and loves to explore new places ahead of the others he also takes part in agility now he is much older. Wolfie now loves the 'one to one' contact that his new family provides. His 'best friend' in the litter was stolen before we collected them and W olfie clearly missed her for a while. He has now recovered well from the trauma of this experience. Wolfie was very attentive, easy to train, and 

became very sociable with other dogs.  


'Georgie Boy' now called Georgio has been rehomed in a loving forever home, he is fit and well and lives with several other dogs on a farm in the UK.

Little Georgie just loves being with us, he needs plenty of attention but is so easily trained, although he worries a lot. He has the best recall out of the three puppies. Georgie understands and responds really well to canine body language and is sociable with other dogs. As with his brothers, there is no sign of aggressive tendencies but Georgie is sensitive and needs a caring and understanding home. 


'Bobby' is now rehomed in a loving forever home - and is still as cheeky as ever! 

Bobby is a bit of a naughty livewire but underneath his bravado is a very sensitive little puppy,  because of this he is a little more vocal. Therefore with training he will make an excellent house dog that will warn off the unwanted. He is pushy with the other dogs but responds very well to training and guidance during human / dog and dog / dog interactions. He loves life and sharing quite moments.


'Silva Diva' is now living in the UK in a loving, forever home.

This adorable little kitten has earned her name as little Miss diva because she is so illusive. One of two kittens found by holiday makers staying in Sicily. Silva and her brother were sitting by the side of their dead mother who was killed by a car. They were only about 4 weeks old when they came to live with us. Unfortunately we were travelling back to the UK, everything was booked so after a week of around the clock care, we put them in the safe hands of a cat refuge about an hour away from us. When we collected her she was even more feral! Silva was her original name chosen by us but this has slipped into Diva now we have got to know her. She will just about take food from our hands, but she is happy and loves to charge around playing with anything she can - this Diva comes alive at night!


'Sooty' is such a cheeky boy and happily living with Silva in a loving, forever home in the UK. 

What an amazing little character sooty is. He is Diva's brother. They are both about 10 weeks old. He loves food and loves people. He wants nothing other than to be around everybody, getting in the way and trying to help - especially at feed time. Unfortunately, Sooty is not a very healthy cat and suffers with intermittent upper respiratory diseases, like so many cats here in Sicily. He needs lots of special 'molly coddling' and love. He is getting used to the dogs and is not phased by anything in the house. As of yet neither he or Silva Diva have chosen to go outside even though there hatch is open. They are both litter trained and clean. Update: Both cats now enjoy exploring the outside world, they use the ladder and hatch and come scuttling in if they are concerned about anything.

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