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So what does Sicily animal Support actually do?

What are we aiming to do?

As a very small animal charity one of our goals is to support existing charities in any way that we can or that they need. This way we are not costing more money to reinvent the charity wheel. There is a great deal of compassion in the world and a great number of people that want to help and care for animals - so to unite is to add weight for positive change.

Promote Humane Behaviour

(i) To promote, sustain and increase individual and collective humane behaviour towards animals and to educate the public in matters pertaining to animal welfare in general and the prevention of cruelty and suffering among animals: by

a. providing on-line publications and other appropriate media that the charity trustees think fit for the advancement of education.

b. by providing seminars and lectures, school books and information leaflets via local communes, veterinary centres, pet shops, tourist information centres and educational establishments.

c. by providing structured independent accredited courses.

Relieve Poverty

(ii) To help the relief of poverty and aid mental wellbeing, for the benefit of the public: by

a. Supplying the provision of pet food, non-pet food items and prophylactic and veterinary care for animal owners living within lower income thresholds so they can maintain ownership of their domestic pets.

Advance Community Development

(iii) The advancement of citizenship or community development and regeneration for the benefit of the public: by

a. the promotion of urban and rural employment.

b. the promotion of volunteering activities as individual or organised social activities.

c. the development of tourism and subsequent increased revenue within, but not exclusively Northern Sicily through international support and social cohesion.

Environmental Protection

(iv) To promote, for the benefit of the public, the advancement of environmental protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment in particular, but not exclusively Northern Sicily: by

a. promoting responsible waste management, waste reduction, re use reclamation

b. promote the advancement of education of the public about all aspects of waste management and sustainable waste recycling and the reduction of fly tipping as per 1(a).

Promote Animal Welfare

(v) To promote animal welfare and care of domestic, farm, wild and feral animals for the benefit of the public, through the provision of:

(i) a rescue and first aid service.

(ii) medical and surgical treatment.

(iii) pet care services for vulnerable people, those disabled, with mental disability, with visual impairment or impaired by short illness.

(iv) food and prophylactic care for feral animals.

(v) shelter or sanctuary for animals which need medical attention.

(vi) actively seeking new homes for ‘rescued’ animals in shelter accommodation.

(vii) a managed trap, neuter and release programme.

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